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Backup that’s build for YOU!
As you are in control of your backups and business RequestBackup  Cloud is built ground up to empower you with flexibility and ease of administration.

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ICU Email

Overcome Email limits with ICUEMAIL.
A new service by that allows you Easily send large files (up to 5GB) securely to anyone, anywhere for FREE!

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ICU Manager

Keeping your IT running.
Is your business network running as efficiently and securely as you think?
For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, we’ll improve your network efficiency and security – leaving you to get on with the really important stuff.

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ICU Drive

Productivity, simplify collaboration
ICU Drive is the the most efficient cloud storage software
Integration with active directory for single sign on, File backup, usage reports, Smart alerting system for data usage, Desktop and mobile applications that gives direct access to your ICU drive folder anywhere, and more..

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ICU Live

Proactive security solutions
ICU Live offers you and your business proactive digital security video solutions through integrated IP video surveillance systems that give you instant access to your surveillance video from any internet enabled device. ICU- Live connects you to your store, office or residence where ever you are.

Providing Customized IT Infrastructure. Consulting. Innovation. Solutions.